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    Welcome to British comedy

    This is the best. 

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  2. Well damn.

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  3. thoughts on the season finale


    Robin Hood and Regina being cute together

    Emma referring to Marty McFly

    Hook being jealous of himself

    Rumpel and Belle

    Prince Neal

    That moment when everyone was just finally happy and kissing with their true love

    But Emma had to ruin it for Regina

    And the best plot twist ever though,ELSA!!!!!

    And now I can’t wait for season 4

  4. thekingdomblog:

    the realest thing I’ve ever read. 

    Oh Sandra. The wisest of wise. 

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    Elsa (Frozen) & Regina (OUAT)

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  9. madmadsmadly:


    If you say you didn’t read this in his accent, you’re a liar

    "his accent" if you didnt read it in the exact same goddamn voice and tone and think of the way his head turned you’re a goddamn disgrace


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  10. platypuses:


    21 Of The Best Insults In Classical Music

    You can’t help but admire their sass.

    the shaaaadddeee

    wait, this is the best. 

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